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Bridge Bat

Safeguarding Industrial Excellence

Bridge Bat is a transformative solution engineered for sophisticated industrial process management. Meticulously designed to address the dynamic needs of modern industrial environments, our system seamlessly integrates wireless sensors, advanced NFC technology, intuitive software, and real-time notifications into a comprehensive process management platform that is as intelligent as it is effortless to use.

Our lock-out tag-out (LOTO) system redefines operational efficiency by constructing a detailed, step-by-step process workflow, with each stage linked to a distinct NFC tag or sensor. This feature ensures operational integrity as steps must be completed in sequence, preventing the triggering of alarms due to procedural inconsistencies.

Experience simplicity at its best with our user-friendly iPhone app, which guides operators through each phase. The convenience extends to the ability to place NFC tags on every procedural element, from a valve to industrial handles, enabling constant monitoring to prevent untimely actions.

The beauty of our system lies in its robust performance even in offline scenarios. Our innovative use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) allows the system to communicate data to local gateways, keeping your operations streamlined and your process monitoring uninterrupted.

Immerse your operations in an era of enhanced safety, unparalleled operational transparency, and cost-effective process management while ensuring rigorous compliance. Our LOTO system makes process documentation for auditing a breeze, and its adaptable design is tailored to fit companies of all sizes and varying operational requirements.

Bridge Bat isn’t just a tool, it’s a game changer. Revolutionize your industrial process management today. Because when it comes to safety and efficiency, we believe there’s no room for compromise.

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Improved Safety & Minimized Human Error

Real-time alert systems, standardization across facilities, and enhanced monitoring capabilities minimize human error and dramatically improve safety conditions.

Training, Compliance, & Auditing

The system simplifies employee training, increases compliance with consistent, standardized procedures, and replaces manual log-keeping with automated record-keeping for effortless audits. Our solution is designed to enhance awareness and adherence to safety protocols.

Time & Cost Efficiency

By minimizing human errors, streamlining training, enhancing process efficiency, and reducing audit time, our LOTO system delivers significant savings in time and costs.


No technical skills? No problem. Our intuitive process management platform provides real-time guidance, streamlined procedures, offline functionality, and comprehensive training support, making it an easy choice for any team.

Increased Operational Transparency

Our end-to-end LOTO solution provides complete visibility into your operations, eliminating guesswork and improving communication across all procedural steps.

Scalable & Adaptable

Our system grows with you. Its ease of use and flexibility mean it can adapt to changes in procedures or regulations and is suitable for companies of all sizes.

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