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Industrial process monitoring

Bridge Bat is a wireless process monitoring system that utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy technology to offer flexibility, scalability, and enhanced safety and security, while optimizing operations and reducing costs. Our mobile app paired with Bridge Bat Boxes rethinks traditional standards that make industrial automation complex, rigid, expensive, and time-consuming.

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Flexibility & Scalability

Bridge Bat is an ideal solution for industries that frequently move or reposition equipment due to its unparalleled flexibility and ease of installation. It eliminates the need for traditional components such as PLCs, HMIs, RTUs, and communication modules, making automation more streamlined. Its scalability enables the integration of as many sensor and motor controller boxes as required, making it suitable for operations of any size.

Real-time Communication

One of the defining features of Bridge Bat is its ability to communicate with all Boxes simultaneously in real-time, making it an excellent solution for complex automations such as load balancing. The system also allows you to record, save, and schedule automations, making it an effective tool for process optimization.

Machine Learning

Bridge Bat is intelligent and uses machine learning to optimize the efficiency of your processes. It can learn from past usage patterns to identify inefficiencies, such as shutting down idle or unused motors, resulting in significant energy savings and cost reductions.

Safety & Security

Safety is always a top priority, and Bridge Bat has several safety features built-in, including authentication and verification of operators to ensure only authorized personnel can control motors and other equipment, and sensors to detect if an operator is too close to the machinery, which provides an extra layer of protection for workers.


Cybersecurity is a major concern in the industry, and our system is designed to be secure, eliminating risks associated with traditional communication methods. By using BLE communication and blockchain technology, Bridge Bat ensures the integrity of data and prevents unauthorized access.

Zero Programming

With Bridge Bat, you can easily turn any existing industrial sensor or machine into a BLE sensor, allowing for wireless automation with or without a network. The platform allows you to securely control motors and VFDs in a universal way, record actions for batch processing, and load balance with other Bridge Bat Boxes, all with zero programming.

Digital Documentation & Procedure Management

Bridge Bat's digital documentation feature makes it easy to create and track essential tasks such as maintenance inspections, safety checklists, and repair logs. With the use of beacons, you can easily see and perform inspections just by walking into a room or tapping NFCs on machinery. Our forms can also be seamlessly integrated into machine processes such as lockout tagout procedures, ensuring that proper approvals and documentation are in place before any operation, ensuring maximum safety.

Easy to Use

The Bridge Bat mobile app makes it easy to control and monitor your industrial automation from anywhere, at any time. The intuitive interface makes it easy to get started, even for those without prior automation experience.

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Let's work together

With Bridge Bat, industrial automation is no longer a complex and time-consuming task, but rather an intuitive and efficient one. It's about empowering you to achieve more and bridge the gap between what is and what could be.

Now that you understand the potential of Bridge Bat to revolutionize the industrial sector, you may be wondering what the next steps are. We are currently working with select partners to test and refine the technology and will soon be ready to launch it to a wider audience.

If you are interested in learning more about Bridge Bat or scheduling a demo, please contact us directly below. We are also open to partnerships with companies that would like to integrate Bridge Bat into their operations.

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