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LOTO Procedure

In this video, we show you how we transformed a PDF of a lock-out-tag-out (LOTO) procedure for a molding machine into an automated LOTO procedure using the Bridge Bat app, a siren, a gateway, a sensor, and NFCs.

A sensor is placed on a handle which communicates to the gateway and siren. NFCs can be attached to various points in the process, such as a valve or gauge. The Bridge Bat app walks the operator through the process and ensures all steps are done in the correct order.

The entire system can work offline because sensors communicate to gateways in the area using BLE (bluetooth low energy).

LOTO Procedure | Customized

In this video, we show how the LOTO procedure and Bridge Bat app can be customized to meet the needs of a site or a more advanced operator.

The procedure has been re-configured to allow a knowledgable expert to expedite the steps so it does not hinder their workflow, while still ensuring they follow each step in its proper order.

LOTO Procedure | Autonomous

In this video, we show how the LOTO procedure can work completely autonomously placing Bridge Bat sensors on mechanisms like ball valves and handles.

The procedure has been re-configured to include a stack light to show the status of the process. A safety geofence has also been setup to trigger a siren if an operator is inside the secure area while the procedure is taking place.

LOTO AI Assistant

In this video, we demonstrate how custom language models can be generated from LOTO procedures, machine manuals, and work order systems using the Bridge Bat app.

Custom chatbots can help answer operator questions and guide them to proper documentation and/or educational videos.

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