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Scan & See Motor Control

In this video, we show you how easy it is to control industrial equipment using nothing but your mobile phone and the power of Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

We start by scanning an NFC tag on a Bridge Bat Box using a mobile phone. This automatically connects the phone to the Box and brings up a user interface on the screen. From here, we can control a variable frequency drive that controls the speed of a motor.

Using voice commands, we can instruct the VFD to make the motor go faster, slower, or stop. As you can see, the motor reacts accordingly. Custom interfaces and voice commands can be setup.

Recordable Automation

In this video, we show how effortless it is to capture automation sequences using our user-friendly app.

We start by pressing the record button on the app. This activates the recording function and allows us to control the speed of the motor using voice commands or manual control. We increase the speed, decrease the speed, stop the motor, and then stop the recording function.

Once the recording is complete, we can play it back to see the automation in action. As you can see, the motor follows the same speed changes that we made during the recording.

These automations can be customized to each individual motor or relay, and can even be scheduled to run at specific times or looped for continuous operation. This allows for more efficient and optimized industrial automation.

BLE Sensor Automation

In this video, we showcase the simplicity of utilizing BLE sensors to streamline process automations.

We start by plugging in a BLE sensor, specifically an inclinometer which is automatically recognized by the Box and its readings are displayed on the user interface. The inclinometer sensor is reporting the pitch angle.

We adjust the configuration for the inclinometer sensor and begin the automation process. As the angle of the inclinometer reduces, the motor slows down until it reaches the stop angle and the motor shuts off automatically.

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